Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 9: August 29, 2016

Hey Everybody!

So this week was a pretty slow week but I know that it will pick up soon! My companion just got called to be District Leader so we had to go to some training meetings this week. A lot of our appointments fell through however, we were finally able to make contact with 3 families that we hadn't been able to contact for months! We are super excited to meet with them again!

Since this week was the first in the new transfer, that means that we got a new batch of missionaries so I am officially no longer the newest Elder out here! This week, we'll have our Zone Leadership Conference which means that I am pairing up with the other District Leader's companion while the leaders have their meeting. I found out that the other District Leader's companion just came out this past transfer so I will have to take the lead. Talk about the blind leading the blind. I am super nervous about it but Elder Lui has reassured me that I can do this.

We are super close to making baptismal dates with a few of our investigators and are super excited for that! I have truly come to love the people here, members, non-members, and missionaries alike.

A Native American story tells of two wolves within each of us. One is evil and the other is good. They are constantly fighting for control. When asked which wolf wins, the man telling the story replies, "the one you feed." Far too often, Satan has really been trying to influence me and my companion with doubts and disappointment. However, we look forward with much faith and joy knowing that if he is working so hard to stop us, we must be getting close to an awesome investigator. Rather than succumbing to that evil wolf, to that whisper of doubt and deceit, choose to feed the good wolf. Listen for that still, small, voice. It is good and will always encourage us to do good.

As always, I love you all and thank you for your prayers and emails and testimony. I can't wait to hear from you next week!

-Elder Kaitoku

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