Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 14: October 3, 2016

This past week, we got a call from President as I was stepping out of the shower. He politely asked how that went and then proceeded to ask me the deadly question of, "Elder Kaitoku, I'd like for you to train next transfer." So in just a few days, I will be getting a new companion, fresh from the MTC. Elder Elsbury will be a Zone Leader back in the Tongan program. On the bright side, maybe my new companion will be able to ride a bike. Who knows?

Conference was amazing this past weekend and I really loved the talks that were given. I know that these men are truly inspired of God. I noticed a lot of missionary work topics. I wanted to share an experience that happened this past week. We have a few investigators that go to the nearby high school along with many youth in the ward. We started out teaching one teenager who referred us to her friend who referred us to another friend, all going to the same high school. One of the teenagers that we are teaching said that she knew one of the girls in our ward. She is on the same volleyball team as this member. She commented on how she was always someone she looked up to and admired. She noticed that there was something different about this girl. She seemed so happy and positive and outgoing. This investigator is making great progress and it is due in no small part to this wonderful example that she had. There is no way that the member girl could have known how her example would or could have impacted this other girl's life. She couldn't have guessed that we would be teaching this girl about the gospel. She didn't know that through her example, she was already teaching this girl the gospel. One saying that I have truly come to love and adore here on my mission is to "Preach the gospel always, with words if necessary." Whether you are aware of it or not, people can and will notice your example. You are constantly doing missionary work in your everyday life. Let the love and light of Christ shine through you, always. You have no idea how much of an impact that it may have on someone else's life. This new investigator is practically walking herself to the baptismal font because of the example that has been set for her. Be that light, be that example, be that representative of Christ and His church in your dealings with your fellow man. You do not need a name tag to be a full time missionary.

I am able to recognize God's hand more and more in my life on the daily as well as in the past. I know that He has been guiding and leading me throughout everything. I know that God lives and that this gospel is true. I witness blessings and miracles each day. I love this work, I love my God, I love you all. As always, thank you for your love and support. I can feel your thoughts and prayers lift me and guide me each day.
-Elder Kaitoku

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