Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 7: August 15, 2016

Aloha Family and Friends,

I wanted to quickly relate one touching story. We met with a young boy who is about 9 years old and isn't baptized yet. He lives with his grandmother and she is a member. This young boy has an intense fear of water after nearly drowning at a much younger age and is absolutely terrified of going underwater. When we first met with him, he didn't open up at all. After talking to him and asking questions, he broke and began to cry heavily. He said that he wanted one of us-my companion or I-to baptize him because he feels safe with us. He has an amazing testimony of the church. He is torn between his fear of the water and his desire to be baptized. He has committed to baptism and we are slowly working him towards the font. He is such an amazing kid, stronger and braver than most. His experience has added to my continually growing testimony.

My companion has managed to stay on his bike since my last email. I have been able to learn a lot at his side about missionary work and life. I am super thankful for my trainer.

I wanted to close with a quote that was told to us in the MTC that has reentered into my mind at this time. "Preach the gospel always, with words if necessary." Be aware of your actions and always be an example of the church. Someone is always watching and you may be the only influence of the gospel in their lives.

Don't be afraid to open your mouth to share the gospel with your friends and loved ones as well as co-workers and aquaintences. One thing I've learned while on my mission is how much more I could have been doing to help the missionaries. We rely on your referrals and help to reach out to our brothers and sisters. Our investigators that are most likely to be baptized are from member referrals because they have that support from someone they know, love, and trust. You do not have to have the name-tag to do the work.

I love my mission, the people, and my companion. I love everything about this work and I continue to grow closer to my Heavenly Father each time I help someone else grow closer to Him. I love you all and I will email you again next week!

-Elder Kaitoku

It hasn't been long since we last talked so this will be quite short. First off, I sprained my ankle on the day of the temple visit while playing basketball. I landed wrong after going up for a dunk....okay it was a lay-up. However, it is all good now. I am able to walk and ride and continue on in the work!

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