Saturday, December 17, 2016

Week 22: November 28, 2016

For Thanksgiving, we ate at a member's home. Well, we ate at several members' homes. Our fridge is full and our spirits were high. We were able to have a game of touch football with the missionaries in the zone. We didn't keep score (but if we did, we won by 4 know, if we were keeping score). 

This week, we made it a point to get to know our newly added area of Antioch 1st. It's a bit of a struggle because the two wards we are a part of meet at separate buildings and their times overlap one another. Luckily, we have a car. Elder Kaitoku may be getting his license soon (hopefully) so keep off the streets of California! Watch out! 

One member of the ward has a son that just recently came back to church after 10 years or so of being away. It was getting pretty late one evening and Elder Cobabe suggested we try to visit with him. I was hesitant at first because it was getting late and I wasn't sure if they would be awake or home. We decided to stop by anyway. Not only did we find him home, but we were able to stop and talk and get to know him a lot better. We shared a message with him and he said it was something that really helped him with what he was going through at that exact moment. Missionary work isn't only bringing new people to the fold, but bringing back those that have left.
We are really building a wonderful friendship with him. Between Elder Cobabe and I, we have a lot in common with him.
I can't believe December is right around the corner! Crazy how fast time flies! Christmas will be 6 months! I look forward to making the most of every day I have here. I love you all!
-Elder Kaitoku

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