Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 27: January 2, 2017

Aloha, Family and Friends and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

This New Year started out with quite a few changes! I got transferred into the Concord Zone. I am serving in the Hilltop ward out in Richmond. I am serving as a District Leader in my district. Aaaaaaaand we got to watch Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens for New Years! We went to a member's house to watch it and were able to finish it as well as Zootopia. Before we left, we had a little countdown (at 8:50pm) and toasted to the new year. It was midnight somewhere. 

This week, we were able to go around and contact a few referrals. We have found a new investigator named Olivia whose friend met with missionaries out in Sacramento. She had sat in on some of the lessons and gone to church with them. She seems very nice and was very excited to meet again. Church was almost reduced to a one hour block because the water got shut off but luckily it came back on before sacrament meeting finished. We have a lot of families from Hawaii but I haven't been able to meet too many as many families weren't there this week due to the holiday. 

New Year's Eve, we got to play an age old American classic game of "Were those fireworks or gunshots?" My new companion is Elder Peterson and he is from Enterprise, Utah. He is a very hardworking Elder and we have been getting along very well. I look forward to serving the people of Richmond. 

I know that our Heavenly Father has many great and wonderful things in store for each of us this new year. I love you all so much! I'll attach some pictures in a separate email-oh WAIT. Camera's still gone hahaha oh well. I'll have to improvise, I guess. 

Happy New Year!
-Elder Kaitoku
Ghetto pictures from this week:
😁  😊
 _|__   _|_
   /\         /\
"Me and Elder Peterson"
😦 😨
 _|_    _|_
   /\       /\
"It's raining"

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