Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 32: February 6, 2017

This week, we were able to add two new baptismal dates! Both of these dates have been added through investigators we had just met that week. The first one was a referral from our bishop. Pat, the investigator, has family members who are members of the church and her parents were members but left the church early on. She regretted that decision and ever since has been wanting to join the church. When we went to talk about the plan of salvation, she basically taught it to us, even going into some deep doctrine. She had been going to another ward for about 4 years and just never got baptized. The second one was a gentleman named Gregory. He had made a wrong turn in San Diego and ended up in the parking lot of the San Diego temple. There, he talked with some missionaries and he received a Book of Mormon. He has read the entire thing already and wants to get baptized. It has been a week full of blessings and miracles. We have learned the importance of being bold in inviting and sharing the gospel. Even though we had only met with these people once, we both felt that we could set a baptismal date with them. They accepted.Transfer calls have come and gone and Elder Peterson and I are staying here together. We have learned much and grown much together. We are excited about the work that is going on out here. We made crab legs and kalua pig and pasta salad last P-Day and ate like KINGS. 

I told Elder Peterson I would show him a magic trick and I put two cups of water on his hands and he was stuck there. Hahaha I learned that one from my high school band director Matty Matt. I eventually freed him but not before taking a picture.

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