Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 31: January 30, 2017

This past week, we had a few changes to our missionary schedule. We are also focusing more on certain aspects of the missionary work in order to help fulfill our purpose of inviting others to Christ. So far, I have been loving the new schedule and we have really been able to use it to focus on each person more individually according to their needs.

This week, we were able to find 4 new investigators. One of them had grown up in another church. When we shared our testimony of the restoration of the gospel, she said that she really connected with Joseph Smith. She said she had always grown up going to church with her mom and then with her dad and had always wondered to herself which of them was the true church. Once she got old enough, she stopped going altogether and spent a great deal of time searching for this truth. When we knocked on her door, she said she felt something and she gladly accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon. Theodore, the pastor that I wrote about last week has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and said he's been loving every moment of it. It was very exciting.
At church, we taught the 3rd hour class which was a combined priesthood, relief society, and youth. The entire chapel was full. No pressure right? Let me tell you something, I am totally comfortable with performing shirtless onstage for thousands of strangers at the Polynesian Cultural Center. But giving a 45 minute presentation in front of the ward? Terrified. We talked about the importance of member-missionary work. We got some great feedback from the ward and we hope to have inspired and excited them about doing the work.
Lastly, a story. We were tracting one evening down a pretty sketchy avenue one evening. As we knocked a door, a gentleman opened the door. Before we could say anything, his face lit up into a huge smile. "Do you guys wanna come in??" We were so excited! He seemed to have known us or recognized missionaries. We were super excited with the potential that this gentleman had. Had he met with missionaries before? Was it going to be a "I wanna join your church" moment? Was he a less active member praying for re-connection with the church? Turns out, it was none of those things. "You guys want some weed??" We politely declined (as TEMPTING as it was) and he proceeded then to offer us several other commodities before we left. We did share our testimony of the restoration of the gospel with him. Before we left, he smiled and said, "Man, thanks for coming over. I feel so happy. Wait til I tell people I blew some smoke with the missionaries!" Uhh please don't go around saying that. We did not participate.
I've come to truly love the people here. Regardless of how they react to us or what they may offer us or what they may say, I have come to love each and every one as a brother or sister. I know that this gospel can and will bless their lives. I have a firm testimony that it is by this way that we can gain the most everlasting joy in this life and the next. I love each and every one of you for your love, support, and prayers (and occasional letters and packages). Thank you all! Until next week,
-Elder Kaitoku
PS I cut my companion's hair a few weeks ago. I thought it looked pretty great especially since I had only ever cut hair once before then; a fact I relayed to him after giving him the haircut. #freshfades 

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