Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 50: June 12, 2017

This past week was pretty great! While we were contacting a referral for a gentleman named Tom, we ended up teaching him AND his caregiver, a young woman named Jenna. Jenna seemed super interested in what we had to say. At first, she was on her computer, not really listening. But overtime, she started paying more and more attention and asking a lot of really good questions. By the end of our lesson, we left the both of them with their very own copy of the Book of Mormon. It was a super cool experience.
We also got our transfer calls in and I will be leaving the Hilltop area here in Richmond. I will be serving in the Danville/Tassajara wards in the San Leandro zone. I have heard a lot of exciting things about this area. The missionary work seems exciting and the apartment/surrounding area is very safe. That is very good.
I got some pictures forwarded to me so this week, you'll be treated to a few pictures! Whooo!

I hope you all had a great week and continue to have a great week this week! Love you all!
-Elder Kaitoku

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